The Runner’s Fear: Adapting to Change for Engineers

Runners love to push themselves to the limits and I am no different from any other runner.  Unfortunately, every so often we push ourselves too far and pay for it through an injury.  When this occurs the reality sets in that we will not be able to run like we enjoy until we fully heal.  We have to face the reality and adapt our workout routine until we are fully able to run again.

During your engineering career there are times when you will be working on a project or career path and modifications will be required.  This is not something that is avoidable, so make the most of it and be willing to become adaptable.  Learning to adapt will help promote your future growth. Here are some tips to remember when changes occur.

Accept the new norm:  Individuals tend to romanticize the past, and often for good reason. However, holding on to the memory of how things once were is counterproductive when changes are present.

Modify your goals and strive to reach them:  Change can leave a person feeling directionless or confused about the future.  When your surroundings change, we have to adapt our plans and ambitions will need revising.

Take control of your own actions: As in all aspects of life, there will always be elements within our careers which are not in our control. Instead of feeling like you have lost control of a formerly controllable situation, focus on specific tasks you can do.  This will give you the sense of fulfillment and significance.

Keep a positive inner dialogue: It’s quite easy to recoil at a new concept, especially when you did not see problems with the previous method.  Maintaining the ability to view any potential change with a positive attitude is certainly essential to our ability to adjust to new situations.

Remember that change is inevitable, and you are able to adapt.  As humans, we have this amazing ability to change, learn and adapt at will.  For a runner like myself, if I am not willing to change my workout when recuperating from an injury, I would go stir-crazy from boredom.  Additionally, I would hurt my ability to achieve my goals to be a more efficient runner.

What recommendation can you add to accept change?

Author: Natalie Grace Keyser

I am a dedicated Quality/Technology Manager, driven Metallurgical Engineer, Supporter of Future Professional. My professional personality shows in my running, where I will not back down from a challenge or slow down before the finish line is reached.

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