Teamwork to the Finish Line: The Importance of Working on a Team

Long distance relay races are a fun experience that all runners should try at least once. Every runner on the team plays an important role; whether they are the best trail runner, the fastest distance runner, or the runner who can sprint up a mountain at a six and a half minute pace.  Relay races require you to be accountable, because you do not want to let the team down.  You will push yourself for the good of the team to run your best.  You can learn from your teammates, picking up skills, enabling you to become a better runner.  During your leg of the race, your team is cheering you on giving you that internal feeling of bliss.  When a teammate is running their leg of the race, you cheer them on, encouraging them to reach their full potential.   Teamwork has so many benefits and we see these benefits in our professional careers as well.  Let’s evaluate the importance of why teamwork matters.

Promote Synergy and Unity in the Workplace

Teamwork has the group focus on a shared vision, and encourages cooperation from all persons.  Each individual knows their own responsibilities and the importance of their output is being relied upon by the other team members.  This creates an environment based on loyalty, trust, support, and respect, which also results in a more efficient work group.  Teamwork reduces the risk of not having success in developing, formulating, and implementing new and innovative ideas.

Improves Efficiency and Productivity

Teamwork allows the workload of a project to be shared.  This results in reduced pressure on individuals, and helps promote task completion within a set time frame.  It permits goals to be more attainable, enhances the optimization of performance, and improves job satisfaction. Teamwork encourages a more efficient work output at a faster pace.

Provides Great Learning opportunities

Teamwork allows the group to gain insight from different perspectives and the learning of new concepts from more experienced coworkers. Experienced coworkers can expand their skill set and discover fresh ideas from newer coworkers.   Teamwork encourages innovation to problem solving and endorses the generation of ideas more effectively.

 Offers Different Perspectives and Feedback

A team environment will allow the group to brainstorm collectively which can increase the success in problem solving.  Sharing differing opinions and experiences strengthens accountability and can help make effective decisions faster than when done alone.  Good teamwork structures provide your organization with a diversity of thought, creativity, perspectives, opportunities, and problem-solving approaches. Team effort increases output by having quick feedback and multiple sets of skills come into play to support the project.

Teamwork is an important concept in all aspects of our lives.  In engineering, just as in relay racing, teamwork can promote a greater sense of accomplishment when racing towards a goal that you would not have been able to achieve working alone. This combined with a sense of belonging, appreciation and recognition, can drastically improve the groups self-esteem.

Inspirational Quote: Do dream of wining; train for it! -Mo Farah

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Author: Natalie Grace Keyser

I am a dedicated Quality/Technology Manager, driven Metallurgical Engineer, Supporter of Future Professional. My professional personality shows in my running, where I will not back down from a challenge or slow down before the finish line is reached.

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